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Wedding Gown Preservation

Keep your stunning wedding dress and veil immaculate and beautiful for years into your happily-ever-after. Our wedding dress and gown preservation kit allows you to maintain every perfect detail of your dress for generations to come. You can pass down your wedding dress to your daughters, sisters or other family members to continue a wonderful wedding tradition and share the love and elegance you have enjoyed.

The wedding gown preservation kit protects your dress from age, dust, bugs and other damage, so you can keep each fine stitch perfectly maintained. First your dress is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any stains or residue and renew its pearl-white glow. Its shape is then carefully positioned and conserved to keep the bodice, sleeves and train from flattening or creasing. The dress is then wrapped and fitted into a preservation chest to keep its shape, color, texture and detail well defined until it is needed again.

Keep every fold, pleat, lace and bead on your exquisite dress artfully preserved. See the details of each preservation kit and select the level that works best for your elegant gown.