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Engravable Signature Mat

Signature keepsake mats and frames are an easy and elegant way to keep and display your wedding memories. Showcase your beautiful wedding pictures and surround your photos with signatures from your loving friends and family. The metal engravable backgrounds give you a unique guestbook as well as a picture frame that will never fade.

Engravable signature mats for weddings or bridal showers make a distinguished and long-lasting keepsake of your special day. The metal mats include a polishing cloth, instruction card, frame and an engraving stylus for easily recording guest signatures and require no other tools to use. After your reception or shower just slide your favorite wedding photo over the mat and into the frame for a beautiful memento to keep forever.

Choose the ideal size frame and mat to hold your guest signatures and wedding photo. Order your combined guest signature book and wedding photo frame online from The Wedding Accessory Superstore.