We recommend your measurements be taken by a professional seamstress for an accurate fit. However, with a measuring tape, you too can take your measurements. Be sure to use a paper or plastic soft collapsible measuring tape. A yard stick, or metal measuring tape will not work. Be sure your measurements are taken over undergarments for a more precise measurement. Please do not give bra or jean sizes. If you have a large cup size or broad back, be sure to measure accordingly.
The style of the gown will often determine size as different silhouettes fit various body types. If your measurements fall between two sizes, the largest measurements must be considered first as well as the style you re ordering. Remember it’s usually easier to take the garment in then to let it out when making alterations. And while it’s always good to think positive, try not to overestimate the results of a diet program.

Measure the bust at the widest part of the back, straight across the top of the bust, NOT under the bust line. The type of bra worn, or whether one is worn at all, can make all the difference. Do not use your bra/cup size.

Measure at your natural waistline. In the store we tell customers to stand up and bend to the side as in “I’m a little tea pot.” Where your body creases is considered your true waste. Leave a finger’s width under the tape so it can move and measure all the way around.

Measure at the largest part of the hips (this is generally about 8” down from your natural waistline).
If the lower area presents wider, measure the area. Hip measurements are generally not necessary for a-line dresses. Only in the case of a straight skirt, a slim-a-line or when the hip is several sizes larger than the other measurements will a hip measurement be necessary to determine a size.