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Unity Sand Ceremony Vases

The unity sand ceremony is a visual representation of your joining as a couple and shows your journey together. As your individual sands blend into your vase it signifies your new lives together and the strength and bond you’ll share forever. Many couples keep their newly joined unity sand vase set as a reminder of their commitment and memento of their special day. The Wedding Accessory Superstore carries many styles and arrangements for your unity sand ceremony, so you can display the vase in your home together.

Unity sand ceremonies are a popular substitute for unity candles in outdoor weddings because they will not be disrupted by wind or weather. Unity sand also gives you a colorful display with a stylish container you can bring with you after your wedding and keep in your home. Select from a heart-shaped container, an elegant vase, beach wedding set, engraved container and many more to find the ideal arrangement to commemorate you and your spouse’s unique bond.

Browse the wedding unity sand vase sets for sale and order online when you’ve found yours. Also find colored unity sand of your choice in the ceremony items section.

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CAT Personalized Extra Vase for Wedding Wine Unity Ceremony Set $13.00 $11.70
CAT Personalized Mason Jar Extra Side Vase for Sand Ceremony Set $8.00 $7.20
CAT The Signature Collection 3pc. Set $120.00 $108.00
Showing 1 to 35 of 35 (1 Pages)