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Bridal Veils

The wedding veil is a lavish, iconic item that gives each bride her unique silhouette. Whether short or draping, it frames her radiant face in a gentle white halo and completes her entire look. The Wedding Accessory Superstore presents hundreds of designer lace bridal veils for sale to help you find the perfect piece for your trip to the altar.

Browse dozens of styles from eminent bridal designers to find a lace crown that matches your royal entrance. For a touch of traditional grace and a striking unveiling, select a full front and back design with a length and detail to suit you. To show off your beautiful hair and face, try a draping back veil to clip into your bridal tiara, twists or comb. Choose from high, rich folds, sleek, soft capes, face-framing headpieces, floor-length embroidery and many more to make your impeccable look complete.

Take a look at the designer bridal jewelry collection, as well as other clips, pins and combs to match your beautiful veil. Order all your exquisite bridal accessories easily online at The Wedding Accessory Superstore and make your wedding planning easy and fun.

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Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7012 $134.00 $128.64
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7055 $138.00 $132.48
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7087 $102.00 $97.92
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7088 $130.00 $124.80
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7116 $178.00 $170.88
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7137 $144.00 $138.24
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7168 $102.00 $97.92
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7226 $104.00 $99.84
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7234 $100.00 $96.00
Bel Aire Bridal Veil V8175 $90.00 $86.40
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Showing 1 to 50 of 781 (16 Pages)